Buying Windhorse Beef

We sell our beef by the cut. We have a limited supply as our herd continues to grow and demand has been strong. As a result, we do regularly sell out. If you would like to be kept informed as Windhorse beef becomes available, we would be happy to notify you via email. To receive notification, please email us and ask to be added to our mailing list.

When the table below indicates that beef is available and you wish to place an order, please do the following to avoid disappointment; review the Order Form below and then give us a call at 250 748-2585. Once you have placed your order over the phone, please mail us a cheque (payable to Tim and Laurice Mock) for 85% of the estimated value of the order. Your order is secured by this deposit.

All cut weights are estimates and the actual amount to be paid will be determined by the actual weight of the cut. The balance owing will be due upon pickup. If it turns out you have paid too much, we will gladly refund the balance.

If you are unable to make it to the farm for pickup, we will do our best to arrange delivery on the south Island. We have a deliver charge of $6, which if waived when orders reach $150 in value.

Note that while our animals are certified organic when they leave the farm, we are unable to label the meat as certified since our processor is not currently certified. There are no certified organic beef processors in our area and we have opted for minimizing the stress placed on the animals that would otherwise be incurred to transport them to a certified organic facility.

Windhorse Beef Order Form

STEAKSApprox Wt/Pkg.$/lbApprox. Pkg Cost# PkgsItem Totals
Tenderloin2 stk/pkg 0.75 lb $ 31.50 $ 23.60
New York Steak0.6 lb/pkg $ 26.25  $ 16.00
Rib Steak0.75 lb/pkg $ 26.25  $ 26.25
Sirloin Steak0.75 lb/pkg $ 18.90  $ 14.00
Hanging Tender0.75 lb/pkg $ 15.75  $ 12.00 Sold Out
Flat Iron Steak0.75 lb/pkg $ 12.60  $ 9.50 Sold Out
Flank Steak0.75 lb/pkg $ 10.50  $ 8.00 Sold Out
Skirt Steak0.75 lb/pkg $ 10.50  $ 8.00 Sold Out
Rib Roast3 lbs $ 23.00  $ 69.00 Sold Out
Tip Roast3 lbs $ 13.00  $ 39.00 Sold Out
Round Roast (Baron of Beef)3 lbs $ 10.50 $ 31.00 Sold Out
Boneless Blade Roast3 lbs $ 10.50  $ 31.00 Sold Out
Boneless Cross Rib Roast3 lbs $ 10.50  $ 31.00 Sold Out
Boneless Brisket3.5 lbs $ 10.50  $ 37.00 Sold Out
Short Ribs2 lbs $ 11.00  $ 22.00 Sold Out
Ground Beef 1 lb $ 8.00  $ 8.00 Sold Out
Stewing Beef1 lb $ 9.50  $ 9.00 Sold Out
Kabob Beef (large cubes)1.5 lb $ 10.50 $16.00Sold Out
Kidney0.5 lb $ 8.00 $ 4.00 Sold Out
Liver0.4 lb $ 8.00 $ 3.20Sold Out
Tonguewhole $ 8.00 $ 20.00 Sold Out
Heart1 lb $ 8.40 $ 8.40 Sold Out
Soup Bones3 lb bag $ 5.00 $ 15.00 Sold Out
Marrow Bones2 lb tray$ 5.00$ 10.00Sold Out
Suet1 lb bag, grated$ 4.75 $ 4.75Sold Out
Order Total     
Deposit (85%)To be paid to hold order  Order Total X 0.85 
To order beef, please phone the farm (250 748-2585) to confirm availability of the cuts you wish. Once confirmed, mail your cheque (made out to Tim and Laurice Mock) for 85% of the order total along with the completed form to: Windhorse Farm 3900 Rowe Road, Duncan, BC V9L 6T1.
Please make your cheque payable to Tim & Laurice Mock.

You can click here to download and print or open the order form in a new window.