Our Team

We are continually grateful for the team of amazing people we regularly draw upon to learn from and to assist us. These people do their jobs so well that it makes ours feasible, and in the end, leads to the great products we can offer you, our customer. They also contribute greatly to the high quality of life our animals enjoy.

Listed here are some of the individuals and organizations we rely upon.

  • Vets, Mill Bay Veterinary Clinic (Drs. Leo, Clare and Chris) for their regular care of our herd.
  • Dr. Glen Dupree, who passed away in Spring 2013, was our homeopathic vet and teacher/mentor. He taught us a great deal through his excellent online courses and writing on homeopathy and alternative care for animals.
  • Ron and Kay, long time beef farmers and now friends, from whom we lease land for our winter feed production. Kay and Ron are so experienced and so humble and so willing to share their knowledge and experience… we are most grateful.
  • Dave and Joan of Shincliffe Farm, second generation certified organic farmers who contract graze our yearlings on their fabulous farm. Joan and Dave are very knowledgeable about cattle farming generally and about the Canadian Organic Regime. We sincerely appreciate their willingness to assist us and their friendship.
  • Bill Jones, Magnetic North, chef extraordinaire, author, inspiration and guide in the marketing and cooking of great beef.
  • Alfred and Karen Braun, the greatest neighbours, friends and long time operators of a custom, Class A slaughter and meat cutting business.
  • Ben, Margie and Mat, the BEST haylage contractors, and very humble and kind sources of several lifetimes of local farming knowledge.
  • Ken, Nolan and Don, long-time Glenora family farmers, with three generations of experience. These knowledgable and helpful fellows do the cutting and baling of our dry hay and rent specialized equipment to us as needed.
  • Alexandra Hamilton, great friend and farrier to BJ. Alex is one of the most dedicated horse people we have ever met. She regularly supports the SPCA, pony clubs, local fairs and fund raisers with her professional skills.
  • Kathleen Millar, soil wizard, certified Soil Food Web consultant and owner of Cultivating Soil Solutions. Kathleen has been worked with us  to help tuneup some challenging patches in our fields and assist us in getting the best out of it for the beeves.
  • Scott Meyers of Sweet Grass Farm, Lopez Island, Washington State. Scott runs a large and highly respected grass-fed operation on Lopez and has been doing it for a decade longer than we have. Lucky for us, he’s willing to support other grass farmers with his knowledge and sage advice. Scott’s farm is in a similar climatic zone to Windhorse and thus we share many of the same challenges and benefits.
  • Farmer John and Katy, Alderlea Farm and Cafe, for sharing the wonders of biodynamic farming, for their fantastic vegetables and CSA, for equipment sharing, and for friendship and support.